Welcome to the Dogwood K-9 Training Experience

If you need guidance and information in working and helping your dog, you have found the right dog training school.  We will solve all of your concerns about your dog through RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.  Regardless if you need assistance with a new puppy, obedience training or dog behavior issues, Dogwood K-9 will help you.  We want you to have a dog companion that wants to listen to you not because your dog has to.

Certified dog trainer Ron Bevacqua has been training dogs (all breeds) for more than 21 years. He holds classes in Yorba Linda and private dog training classes throughout Orange County, CA.  His many years of experience has led him to specialize in DOG – DOG AGGRESSIONSHY AND FEARFUL DOGS, pet therapy dog training and he has worked as a behavioral consultant for many clients helping them to solve their dogs misbehavior.

In loving memory of Beau, a cherished companion.
(Beau and Ron on vacation in Cambria)
The Dogwood K-9 Training Experience has helped many dog owners solve their dogs behavioral issues:

  • Pulling on leash,
  • Will not come when called,
  • Jumping on people,
  • Does not listen to me,
  • Barking ,
  • Separation anxiety,
  • Dog-dog aggression, and more.

Dogwood Training uses  a variety training methods and approaches to suit the personality of your dog.  In this way  we build a BONDING RELATIONSHIP between your family and your dog to make him or her a True Best Friend.

Your dog WILL WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU, as you with our training will become his partner, leader and friend.

Dogwood offers:

  • PRIVATE Training lessons (at competitive rates),
  • PRIVATE in your HOME, group classes,
We give major discounts to adopted dogs and offer FREE evaluations. for more information call 714.342.5538.

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