Customer Testimonials

“My dog, Isabeau, a two year old rescue from an animal shelter, recently completed Ron’s Therapy Dog training and the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  Since that time,  Isabeau has become a source of great joy to others.  Isabeau provides a source of happiness, companionship, and love to people of all ages, as well as a calming source to those experiencing difficulties in their lives.   When Isabeau wears her Therapy Dog vest, she seems to know that she has important work to do for others.
Ron’s love for dogs, his patient guidance of  the human owners, and his extensive knowledge in the field of animal behavior and training is the entire basis of Dogwood Academy.
Ron, words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you for helping Isabeau become the exceptional “pup” that she is.” Mary
Sheba was a very aggressive dog towards other dogs. It got to the point where I thought I would have to get rid of Sheba because she was so aggressive. I was referred to the Dogwood K-9 Training Experience and it made a big difference. It has been over a year since our training with Dogwood and Sheba has become a new dog. Sheba is doing so well that at times, Ron uses her as a training dog for other aggressive dogs. I believe it is from following Ron’s training and working with Sheba three to four times a week. It is like any skill you wish to master; you need to do it often to get results. I would recommend Dogwood to everyone.  Paul
My husband and I just completed our 6 week course with Ron Bevacqua of Dogwood Training Academy. He was recommended to us by our breeder. We were extremely pleased with the results and felt we wanted to share our experience and highly recommend him to others.  Our Rottweiler puppy Zoe was 4 months old when we began training with Ron. This was our third Rottweiller, and so we were familiar with the breed, and although we loved her dearly, found this pup to be extremely strong minded and difficult and truthfully not much fun to be around for long. I feared if we did not get her to be more cooperative we would have an even larger problem on our hands at 6-9 months. Turned out to be a great decision.  Ron’s gentle, effective ways of training Zoe turned out to be perfect! We did not just “train” her but learned to communicate with her and get her attention, love, respect and cooperation. We were able to redirect bad behaviors and replace them with positive ones. We watched our dog change right before our eyes from a willful somewhat angry puppy to a gentle happy obedient member of the household. She is so much fun now! Ron is a talented, knowledgable and extremely effective dog trainer. We have learned so much and would highly recommend him to you for training or if you need help with behavior problems with your dog. Thanks Ron for being so patient with us and doing such an outstanding job. I know you love what you do and it is reflected in your work. We wanted to share our experience and let others know that “you are darn good at it.” Sincerely, The Brittan Family & Zoe
Before starting training with you, I was not sure how to deal with my “badly behaved boxer”. Riley seemed like such an unmanageable dog when I first got her. Thanks to you, Riley and I have a new relationship! You have taught me not only that she can be a good dog, but what a smart dog she is. By teaching me how to deal with a dominant natured dog, I have been able to gain her respect. I am able to understand her, control her, and have fun with her now. The best part is that you taught me how to use positive techniques, so she doesn’t even know she is being trained.

I am aware that I managed to fall in love with a cute boxer that has a dominant personality. Thank you for teaching me how to communicate with her. I highly recommend Dogwood to all dog owners. You are so good about making training fun, addressing the issues at hand, as well as working with realistic schedules of busy people. We always look forward to our weekly training!

Thanks again for all your hard work and see you soon!


Dr. Nicole Beaudet, Veterinarian And “Riley”

We inherited a two year old Rottweiler, that we call Sheba. Sheba is a beautiful dog, but right away we realized she had some aggressive issues towards other dogs. We knew nothing of Sheba’s past and wondered what happened to make her so aggressive. We thought we would start training her ourselves and see if we could settle her down. But one day, as a neighbor was walking their dog past our home, Sheba got out and bit the dog. After the vet bill and a visit from animal control, we decided it was time to get help. We contacted Ron from Dogwood Training Experience and we had a long talk with Ron about Sheba’s behavior. Ron explained to us what he could do to help Sheba and also explained that we needed to learn how to work with Sheba. Ron helped Sheba to be less aggressive to other dogs and help us recognize situations to avoid. It is amazing how quickly Sheba changed. We can now walk on trails where there are other dogs without Sheba lunging and trying to attack them.

Thank you Ron.

Paul, Liz and Sheba

My pup, Bailey, and I have been in training with Ron for the past three years. During that time we have successfully passed the advanced level of training and enjoy the rewards of being a successful Pet Therapy

team. Even though I have achieved my original goal I intend to continue working with Ron – his patience and encouragement have made all the difference in becoming a responsible pet owner.

Elise Craig

I acquired Bailey when she was nine months old. She had gone through some puppy obedience, but she was hard to control, high energy and not dog friendly.

A call to Dogwood explaining my problems, and our classes began.

Today Bailey is a well mannered dog, meets people and other animals beautifully.

Bailey has earned her intermediate and advanced obedience, also her AKC Good Citizen Certificates.

I get many complements on how well Bailey behaves and her instant reaction to my commands.

Thank you Dogwood.

Marcia Chilson

Since graduating from Ron’s Therapy Dog training and continuing with advanced obedience, my dog Rocket has become a great source of joy to others. The skills she has learned has made a big difference in our own home, as well as bringing love, happiness and companionship to people of all ages. It’s easy to see that Ron’s love for dogs is the basis of Dogwood Academy, and his patience and knowledge in helping owners train their dogs is the key to its success. Thanks, Ron, for helping Rocket reach her highest potential and bring a smile to everyone she meets!

Pandy Byrd

My beagle “Hannah-Pup” had just finished a beginning obedience class and I was hoping to further her training. We attended classes led by Ron Bevacqua with the ultimate goal of working as a Therapy-Dog team doing volunteer work in our community. Ron not only taught me how to train my dog, but through his positive and caring attitude, helped me build a stronger relationship of trust and reliance with my beagle. His philosophy of encouragement, gentleness, and positive reinforcement helped me and Hannah-pup reach our goal and beyond. Hannah-Pup is now a certified Therapy-Dog and has passed the AKC Good Citizenship test. A positive attitude leads to positive results.

Denis & Hannah-Pup

After Bailey’s basic obedience course, I signed him up for Ron’s “Lend A Paw” pet-assisted therapy course. After completing the course, Bailey passed the required test and started working as a therapy dog. Bailey brings smiles to the hospice patients we visit and a little cheer to the assisted living facility we also visit. Bailey and I continued obedience training with The Dogwood Training Experience, and have now completed intermediate and advanced obedience certification. Ron’s method of training uses positive reinforcement and he never advocates using negative techniques. Having gone through Dogwoods obedience courses, Bailey and I have a very strong bond. He looks to me for leadership, and I now know how to provide calm, assertive leadership. Not only were Dogwood’s classes extremely instrumental in creating a wonderful relationship with my dog, but they were fun as well! Bailey and I looked forward to our sessions; learning new things and seeing Ron (who always had a kind and encouraging word). Training with Dogwood was such a positive experience and I highly recommend it to all dog owners.

Cathy Hagerty-Clemens

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